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All Eyes Media is a boutique media relations firm that specializes in tailor-made national, regional and digital press campaigns for each of our music clients.

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“A friend recommended Giant when our website was hacked and destroyed by malware. No one at my company is an expert is this area, so I was definitely alarmed, to say the least. Right from the start Chris assured me that he could build a new site in a timely manner that would be much better in every area. He didn’t lie. Chris’ experience, mixed with a great balance of confidence and professionalism, helped put my mind at ease. He also backed up everything he said, even though our site was 10x the work he anticipated. He worked all hours to help us as we were in dire situation. Chris worked with us to prioritize what we needed first in order to function and continued to work on the site while we were up and running. In the end, we are extremely happy with what we have and feel at ease knowing the Giant is now watching over our web presence. Chris is good at what he does and he’s also good people.”

Jim Flamia
President / All Eyes Media

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