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We use a targeted and time-tested approach so that your clients can clearly understand what you’re selling.

At Giant, We Research, Study Trends, and Ask For Customer Input in Our Branding Process

Clarity of message and method of communicating your brand is more important to us than literally representing your product. We also consider the full range of logo applications, from apparel, store signage, retail packaging, letterhead, and websites to video and beyond. Brand consistency is essential, so we assist our clients in producing logo guidelines and collateral materials so that the branding vision exists in all facets of your business.

Why DO I NEED Branding?

You’ve Heard It Before – You Can’t Have a Successful Business Without a Strong Brand. But What Does That Mean for You?

It means developing a clear idea of your target customer and what they want. And it doesn’t stop there – you also need to create an authentic voice and story that resonates with them.

When done correctly, your brand will be the driving force behind your marketing efforts. Everything should reflect your unique brand identity, from website design to product development.

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Snout & Co. was featured on the show ‘Eat Street’ on the Cooking Channel. View Project –>

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The branding process

Our Time Proven Process Works

A successful brand doesn’t happen overnight. It results from a well-executed branding process that considers research, analysis, and creative thinking. At Giant, we have a time-tested branding process that has helped our clients build strong and recognizable brands.

The first step in our brand design process is to get to know your business inside and out. We take the time to learn about your products, target market, competition, and unique selling points. This research forms the foundation for everything else we do.

At this stage, we take the information we gathered and make a game plan for all the work needed to get your new brand ready to be presented to the world. We’ll spell out all the deliverables and ensure we’re on the same page.

Most people don’t realize it, but research is a considerable portion of a branding project. We do a deep dive and look at your competitor’s brands, how they are placed in the market, and current design trends. Once we know where your competition sits, we can decide to fit in or stand out in the market.

Once the research is done, we’ll start on the brand’s visual design. We use mood boards and design comps to present several options from which the brand design might evolve.

We are proud that Giant doesn’t limit the rounds of changes for your branding project. We work until you’re happy. We will refine, iterate and review with you as often as needed until your brand perfectly represents your company’s vision.

We will send you a .zip file containing all of the assets needed for you to use your brand. We can upload these assets into a Canva account for an additional fee. Our clients have found this to be an immense resource that allows them to be up and running and create graphics on their own.


Brand Identity Pricing Can Vary Widely

An agency might charge $25,000 to $250,000, depending on who they are and the project’s scope. But not all businesses need to invest that much. We’ve worked in branding for over three decades. As a family business, we can bring agency-level design and expertise to the project that would have a much higher cost elsewhere.

Brand and brand refresh prices range from $3,500 – $15,000

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The kit we create for you will include all the elements your brand needs and guidelines for using them.

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What we offer

Our Branding Services

Looking to grow your business? The strategic demands of growth require that you establish your identity not later but now.

Brand Guidelines

We create style guides that establish your colors, fonts, textures, finishes, gradients, imagery, messaging, and more.

Design Details

We take the time needed to ensure your brand’s visuals and assets, such as logo, color, and typography, are always on brand.

Visual Design System

The graphical culmination of all strategic work, this collection of elements serves as the visual embodiment of the brand identity and is used to create future designs.


Like a person’s name, a brand name is the unique identifying reference point for interacting with any brand. The naming process should be based on strategic rationale rather than personal preference or emotion.

Brand Maintenance

Like any vehicle with multiple moving parts, a brand requires maintenance for optimal functionality. This may entail a tune-up of specific messaging, or it may require a more extensive overhaul.

Ongoing Support

We’re here to help when you need it. Whether it’s a refresh or an addition to the suite of brand-related materials.

Brand Training and Tools

We can provide the tools to ensure all executives, management, and staff are aligned and equipped to execute and manage the brand.

Branded Templates

We can create branded templates for you on almost any platform for any purpose.

Branded Canva Workspace

We load all your brand assets into your Canva account so you can use your brand quickly and easily.

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Ready to position your brand for success? Our brand identity agency is prepared to help. Tell us about your business, and we’ll connect with you for a consultation.

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Your questions answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find an answer to a question you have? Contact us.

We only take on a handful of custom design clients each year. And for that reason, we are typically booked out a couple months in advance. If you have been thinking of working with us, reach out as soon as possible to secure your spot!

A branding project involves a lot of information gathering: notes and conversations with you, along with reviewing visual examples to get your feedback before anything is designed. We’ll discuss your business, history, goals, audience, competitors, brand personality, and more. This will set parameters and guide the design process. Since you’re involved in setting those parameters, you can be confident your brand identity will be something you love.

Our branding project ranges from $3,500 for a brand refresh to $25,000 for a complete rebrand or branding of a new startup or app. Our average price for branding is around $7,500.

Very. Your brand identity—which includes your logo—is the visual face of your business to the public. People cannot help but form an impression of you based on what they see, and your logo is the most commonly used visual representing you. Not only should it be well-executed technically, but it also needs to have the right style.

Take a look at our work here. Does it have the general style you’re after? Does it have the general style you’re looking for? You need a designer whose work matches the aesthetic you’re aiming for. You might love how a designer presents their work, or they have an excellent reputation, or you genuinely like them as a person. But if their body of work doesn’t feel like you could imagine your project fitting in, you should look elsewhere. Designers can design in different styles, but their unconscious preferences will act like a magnet pulling the design back to their sweet spot. Which hopefully is a reason you selected them in the first place.

In this case, you are the designer and need a technician who can execute your idea using computer software. We bring strategic thinking and execution to a project; if that’s more than you’re looking for, we’re not the right fit.

It sounds like you need a designer who focuses on production work and can apply your existing branding to a piece of collateral. Your next step is developing a relationship with someone you can call on for these ongoing needs.

Depending on the number of deliverables involved, it usually takes us anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months for a branding project.

Yes. Some clients have trusted print vendors they already use and simply need print-ready files they can take to them. Or, when required, I can manage the printing process for you, recommending vendors, obtaining quotes, and seeing your project through to the finish. In this case, I’ll add a print management fee to the project. You’ll pay the printer’s bill separately, saving you money since you won’t incur mark-up charges. You’ll establish a relationship with the printer, so you can easily order reprints directly.

Yes! Please take a look at our website design services here.

We can help you with content for your branding for an additional fee.


Brand Discovery Workbook

Looking for brand clarity?

You know you need to have a good grasp on WHO your brand is before you can start working on the visual identity. Maybe you aren’t quite sure how to start or what you should even include or the questions you should be asking yourself.

Download this free workbook to find out.