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In a digital era where traditional advertising mediums were becoming increasingly ineffective, the quest for a more interactive, personalized, and engaging advertising platform was imperative.


Mission X approached Giant with the idea of a revolutionary mobile advertising platform. Armed with innovative solutions, Giant conceptualized and crafted Mission X, transforming the mobile advertising narrative through a distinctive dark user interface, user-centric design, gamification elements, a white-label strategy, and a cutting-edge backend admin user interface, thus offering a holistic user engagement experience.

What we DID

  • Branding
  • Visual Identity
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Flow
  • WordPress / Elementor Website
  • Print Collateral Design
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Initial Engagement

Upon being approached by Mission X with a revolutionary idea for a mobile advertising platform, the creative minds at Giant eagerly embraced the challenge. The initial engagement was marked by a thorough review of rough sketches and conceptual frameworks provided by Mission X.

Giant Is Mission X Pitch

Initial Brainstorming and Ideation

Armed with pen and ink, the teams from Giant and Mission X delved into intensive brainstorming sessions. The tactile nature of pen on paper facilitated a free flow of ideas, enabling the team to visualize, iterate, and refine the conceptual design and flow of the platform. This traditional brainstorming approach laid a solid foundation for the innovative journey that lay ahead.

02 Giant Is Mission X Brainstorm

Brand Identity

Giant envisioned a unique brand identity for Mission X to carve out a niche in a competitive market landscape. The bold decision to adopt a dark user interface showcased Giant’s innovative ethos, setting Mission X apart from the competition. A meticulous refining process was employed to dial in the brand elements, ensuring they resonated with prospective users. 

Through market analysis and user feedback, Giant fine-tuned the brand identity of Mission X, aligning it with user expectations and industry trends, thereby creating a brand that stood out and connected with its target audience.

03 Giant Is Mission X Branding
03B Giant Is Mission X Branding

User Experience Design (UXD)

Emergence of UXD:

As UXD was budding as a distinct domain, Giant spearheaded a user-centric design philosophy for Mission X. Unlike other platforms, a meticulous focus was placed on crafting an intuitive, engaging, and rewarding user journey.

Designing the User Journey:

Giant employed extensive research into user behavior and preferences, which informed the design process, ensuring it was aligned with user expectations. Continuous refinement based on real-time feedback and analytics ensured an intuitive and engaging user journey.

04B Giant Is Mission X User Experience Design 01

User Interface (UI) Design

Conceptualization and Design Process:

The dark UI, a distinctive concept from Giant, was birthed from the ambition to diverge from the conventional and present a visually engaging yet user-friendly interface. The meticulous design process entailed thoroughly selecting and testing every element, from color palettes to typography and iconography, ensuring optimal readability and effective content highlighting.

User Engagement and Innovative Approach:

Beyond aesthetics, the dark UI was a strategic move aimed at bolstering user engagement by reducing eye strain and enhancing content visibility. This innovative UI design, coming at a time when light interfaces were the norm, showcased Giant’s forward-thinking and dedication to user-centric design, setting a new precedent in mobile advertising platforms.

Early Gamification

Gamification Introduction:

Recognizing the emerging trend of gamification, Giant seized the opportunity to integrate user levels, badges, and secret codes within Mission X. This innovative move aimed at transforming mundane advertising interactions into an engaging and rewarding user journey, setting Mission X apart from conventional advertising platforms.

Engagement Metrics:

The gamification elements were meticulously designed to drive user engagement, encouraging longer interaction times and repeat usage of the platform. By gamifying the user experience, Giant helped Mission X pioneer a new engagement model in mobile advertising, which not only enhanced user satisfaction but also created a fun, interactive environment that users enjoyed.

06 Giant Is Mission X Gamification
Monosnap Mission X Badges

Cutting-Edge Backend Admin User Interface

Admin UI Revolution:

During a period when backend admin software bore a stark resemblance to outdated 1998 interfaces, Giant leaped forward by meticulously designing a modern, user-friendly backend admin user interface for Mission X.

Design Innovation:

Giant focused on creating a sleek, intuitive, and highly functional admin interface that allowed for easy navigation, real-time monitoring, and efficient management of advertising campaigns. The innovative design provided administrators with a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable user experience, setting a new standard in backend design when many admin interfaces were still trapped in a bygone era.

Website and Signup Interface

Website Development:

Giant crafted a visually appealing and user-friendly website for Mission X, serving as the digital front door to the innovative mobile advertising platform. The website was designed to effectively communicate Mission X’s value proposition, providing clear information on its features, benefits, and how prospective users and advertisers could get involved.

Giant Is Lopez Island Mission X Website 01 Scaled

Signup Interface Design:

The signup interface was another crucial touchpoint in the user journey. Giant meticulously designed the signup screens to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience. The focus was minimizing friction, providing clear instructions, and ensuring prospective users could easily create an account and explore the platform. The coherent design ensured the signup process was straightforward, inviting, and reflective of Mission X’s innovative brand identity.

09 Giant Is Mission X Signup Screens

Sales and Marketing Material Design

Holistic Design Approach:

Giant extended its design expertise beyond the digital platform to create compelling sales and marketing materials for Mission X. The objective was to ensure a consistent brand narrative across all touch points, thus amplifying the brand’s resonance with potential clients and partners.

Pitch Deck Creation:

One of the cornerstone efforts was the design of pitch decks that effectively communicated the value proposition of Mission X’s platform. Giant meticulously crafted pitch decks that were visually engaging and articulated the platform’s capabilities, benefits, and the unique solutions it offered in the mobile advertising space. These pitch decks became an integral tool in presenting Mission X to prospective clients and investors, encapsulating the innovative essence of the platform clearly and compellingly.


Giant Is Mission X Corporate Pitch Deck

Extending Market Reach:

Strategic Decision:

Giant’s strategic decision to offer a white-label solution for Mission X’s platform was to broaden its market reach. This initiative allowed for seamless integration into existing brands and marketing strategies of potential clients, thus presenting a versatile solution adaptable to various market segments.

Tailored Demonstrations:

Giant crafted tailored demonstrations for major retailers to showcase the platform’s adaptability, highlighting the flexibility and relevance of Mission X’s platform in diverse retail scenarios. This approach demonstrated the platform’s capabilities and exemplified how the white label strategy could seamlessly align with different brand identities, extending Mission X’s market reach and fostering deeper engagement.

07 Giant Is Mission X White Label

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