Revolution Cycles

Seattle, Washington

Revolution Cycles, conceived by the world-renowned brand Giant, is a beacon for change in the bustling city of Seattle. This brand is a rallying cry for those ready to abandon their fossil fuel-dependent vehicles and embrace a greener, healthier mode of transportation.

At Revolution Cycles, the objective is to usher in a revolution that positions cycling at the forefront of urban mobility. Through an intuitive platform, this vibrant brand connects the city’s growing community of cyclists and equips them with the tools to inspire others to join this transformation.

The logo for Revolution Cycles is as defiant as it is distinctive. It is a constant reminder of the brand’s core ethos, centered around revolutionary imagery. A bicycle wheel represents both the cycle in the brand’s name and the ongoing commitment to change. The design exudes strength and resolution, beckoning all to join in the fight against climate change and unhealthy living.

The Revolution Cycles logo adorns a backdrop of rich, bold colors, standing out on various mediums. It’s not just a logo—it’s a call to action, encouraging one to visit the website and become part of the revolution.

Revolution Cycles is not just a brand—it’s a movement. As the wheel turns, so does the drive for change. Come, experience the revolution.

What we did

  • Brand Identity
  • Print Collateral
Revolution Cycles Brand
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